Open Source Email Newsletter Manager

iReach is an open source web-based application developed by Lone Star Technologies which will allow you to create and manage html email campaigns. Some uses include newsletters, advertising campaigns, product notifications, and press releases.

The application was developed with the idea that the email templates and elements would be created by html designers. Then, using a simple wysiwyg interface other staff could create and manage email notifications, mailing lists, contacts, and schedule mailings.

iReach has been developed in Ruby on Rails by Lone Star Technologies, an Austin, Texas software development company. It can be run on any platform on which Ruby can be installed, including Mac, Windows and Linux. iReach is Open Source, free, and licensed under the terms of the MIT License.

Prospective and current customers expect more communication and direction from your company. A newsletter is an excellent way to reach out, provide company and industry information, promote new products, and announce new service offerings. Look smarter, more capable, and more knowledgeable than your competition. Increase your online contact now with iReach. It's user friendly and, once configured, doesn't require knowledge of HTML or web design to produce attractive and compelling newsletters.

Required Actions for every upgrade

rake mail_manager:upgrade
rake newsletter:upgrade
This adds any new migrations and migrates your DB ...
NOTE! you should back up your database and try this in development before pushing to your production site!




  • Version (8/15/2019)
    • Security update for mini_magick.
  • Version (5/9/2018)
    • Security gem updates.
  • Version 3.2.7 (5/22/2015)
    • Updated url for included javascript to use https
  • Version 3.2.5 (4/29/2015)
    • Initial formal release of the rails 3.2.x version


  • Version (8/15/2019)
    • Security update for sprockets and mini_magick.
    • Fixed Area and Field Removal (soft deletes).
  • Version (5/9/2018)
    • Security gem updates.
  • Version 3.2.7 (5/22/2015)
    • Fixed permission issues with newsletter editor (couldn't delete or sort pieces).
    • Fixed public url for archive
    • Updated the example design
    • Added mobile window size option to editor and viewport to display responsive newsletter designs
    • Added 'Style Sheet' text area to newsletter design. This allows us to properly trigger viewport for mobile window size in newsletter editor. NOTE: Please move your inline styles to the 'Style Sheet' text area. Do not use <style> tags in the 'Style Sheet' text area.
    • Updated example newsletter to render mobile styles in Mozilla Thunderbird. To reimport the example newsletter run: rake newsletter:import_example_design["New Design Name"]
  • Version 3.2.6 (4/30/2015)
    • Add references to iReach application, i_reach gem, and mail_manager gem to gem description
  • Version 3.2.5 (4/28/2015)
    • Initial formal release of the rails 3.2.x version


  • Version (8/15/2019)
    • Security update for mini_magick.
    • Fix issue with contactable and mailing list soft deletion.
  • Version (5/9/2018)
    • Security gem updates and stylesheet modifications.
    • Fix soft delete of mailing lists.
    • Modify unsubscribe to only unsubscribe from the specific mailing list.
    • Fix bounce processing bugs.
    • Hardened sql injection issues.
  • Version 3.2.7 (9/9/2015)
    • BUG FIX: soft deleted users no longer show up in mailings
    • Fixed mailings to cache mailable parts(html/plain text) between messages, note that subtitutions themselves are not cached(like the unsubscribe url).
    • Better navigation/searching for bounces and their statuses
    • Mailings will stop and respawn so long running mailing delivery jobs are interruptable and other jobs will be able to run more often.
      • New config/mail_manager.yml configuration: deliveries_per_run (default 50).
  • Version 3.2.6 (5/22/2015)
    • Resolved user permission issues
    • Catch missing images error and don't fail when building emails
    • Differentiate between admin_unsubscribed and a user unsubscribe
    • Fix permission issues for public urls
    • Add bounce status 'deferred' for 451 'Temporary' errors
    • Fix initialization of messages
    • Modify sort order for bounces and mailable newsletters in mailing editor
    • Fix some postgres specific issues
    • Add new bounce status 'deferred' to indicate we got a temp fail and didn't 'fail' the contact.
    • Change mailing 'Messages' column header from 'Result' to 'Errors' to clarify.
    • Add 'failed' scope to delayed job
    • Fix issues when you don't have a database table prefix.
  • Version 3.2.5 (4/30/2015)
    • Add references to iReach application, i_reach gem, and newsletter gem to gem description
  • Version 3.2.4 (4/28/2015)
    • Initial formal release of the rails 3.2.x version
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