iReach Features

iReach is broken into three gems. iReach is the standalone app incorporating the newsletter manager and the mail manager in an easy to install package. You can also access the newsletter manager and the mail manager separatly in case you want to incorporate the newsletter manager and/or the mail manager into your existing application.

The newsletter manager provides:

  • Design interface to create the html design for the newsletter. This includes:
    • Interface to create and manage the wrapper template.
    • Interface to create and manage areas.
    • Interface to create and manage element templates (html snippets to format articles and other components that may be arranged within associated areas). These may include images and/or attachments to be uploaded when elements are created.
  • WYSISYG interface to create and edit a newsletter utilizing a design and associated elements.
  • Element editor to create and edit elements within a design.
  • Ability to archive newsletters on your web site.

The mail manager provides:

  • The ability to manage contacts in your own database and/or ability to connect to existing database tables for system users, customers, employees, etc...
  • Double opt-in newsletter campaign sign up.
  • Interface to create and manage mailings.
  • Sends emails as well as receiving and parsing bounces to report issues with email addresses.
  • Auto unsubscribes users with permanent email failures.
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